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While this website remains available as an information source, please note that the North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) ceased operations on December 31, 2017. For additional information on metal packaging, users are encouraged to visit the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) website at http://www.cancentral.com/.



The metal can, in combination with the protective epoxy coatings’ durability, adhesion, formability, and resistance to the wide range of food and beverage products (product resistance), provides unsurpassed food safety as well as nutritional integrity. Canned foods help bring nutritional diversity to the diet, without sacrificing nutritional quality. Canned fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of ripeness and since many canneries are near the fields, packed to preserve that ripe and ready state. Researchers at the University of Illinois “... determined that canned fruits and vegetables were nutritionally similar and sometimes superior for some nutrients to their fresh or frozen counterparts.”


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