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While this website remains available as an information source, please note that the North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) ceased operations on December 31, 2017. For additional information on metal packaging, users are encouraged to visit the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) website at http://www.cancentral.com/.

Metal Packaging & Emergency Preparation

The American Red Cross advises the public to maintain a disaster supply kit with at least a three-day supply of food and water. This kit would be used by families in case they must evacuate their home.


Because metal packaged foods do not require refrigeration and can be stored for long periods of time, they are excellent choices for such emergency preparedness kits. In fact, the first two items recommended by the Red Cross for such a kit are “ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables” and “canned juice, milk, and soup.” The Red Cross also highlights that prepackaged beverages in foil packets and foil-lined boxes are good choices because they are sealed and will remain fresh for a long time.


The Red Cross advises against including salty foods because they may make family members thirsty and drinking water could be in short supply. Food packaged in glass bottles and jars is also not recommended because the packaging is usually heavy and bulky, and the glass can easily break.


For more information, see the Red Cross’s “Stocking and Storing Food and Water Safely.”

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